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The Most Expensive Smart watches You Can Buy In 2019

Smartwatches have arrived. Only a few years ago, most people were dismissing the tech as nerd gadgetry or a redundant accessory, but the smartwatch is now being embraced by all types of people with all kinds of needs. The versatility of the technology and the simple elegance of the interface has made it a product for everyone.
One way to determine the quality of a smartwatch is the price. As we all know, a high price tag doesn’t always equate to high quality; on the other hand, it usually does. Smart watches come in all price ranges, but we’re here to look into the most expensive smart watches on the market today to answer the questions: Why are they so expensive and are they worth it? Expensive smart watches can fill a lot of different roles – timekeeper, multipurpose tool, a family heirloom – but for those of substantial means, the right watch is a status symbol. Whether forged from gold, encrusted with diamonds, or simply bearing a prestige name (Patek Philippe, Breguet, etc.), million-dollar watches project wealth, high standing, and an aristocratic lack of modesty. If smartwatches haven’t quite broken the seven-digit mark, yet, a select few are sitting comfortably at six. When a expensive smart watches costs more than the average house in Iowa, you can bet that you’re not paying for features, you’re paying for prestige.