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The 10 Best Smart Sports Watches for Running, Fitness.

I wanted to include sports smart watches in my Top Training Gear List for 2019, but made the promise not to include anything technological. Instead of including my favorite sports watch in a technology review or similar, I make a strong case here to support my desire for every athlete I work with to have a watch—especially a sports smart watches. Most coaches see watches as nice-to-have, but I believe the first purchase after sports apparel and a water bottle is a good sports smart watches.
It doesn’t need to be fancy or pricey to be effective; it just needs to be a reliable model that is worn every day. Sure, smartphones may have made watches superfluous, as telling time isn’t a big deal anymore, but I still demand watches for serious athletes. If you are on the fence about using a sports smart watches or having your athletes wear one, this blog will share enough reasons to convince you that a sports watch is the ultimate tool for performance.
Talented athletes may be late for a long time, and most athletes are not a once-in-a-lifetime genius. The coaches will wait for Usain Bolt training, but they will not cater to the other 99% of the athletes, especially in group sports. Being on time is half the battle. When an athlete is late in a team training or meeting, everything that happens after that will not have the same effect. At this time, he needs a smart sports watches that suits him.