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The Top Wearables You Can Buy Today.

The trend for wearable tech is only just getting started, and with big players like Apple getting into the mix with their Apple Watch then popularity is only going to grow.We’ve taken the trouble to sift through the top smart watches blogs to save you time for checking the time on your trendy watch!
The name of our top smartwatches blog features a great pun which was enough to elevate it to our top spot. (Here at the Blog Review we can’t get enough puns…). News, reviews and general gossip – this smartwatch blog covers it all. We particularly liked the fact that the reviewers spend serious time getting to know each watch, and sometimes even return to a previous review to give it an update. The site doesn’t just stop at smartwatches either – all wearable tech is covered including fitness bands and VR.
WatchTime has been running since the 1990s, and whilst it’s not 100% dedicated to smartwatches (like some of the other top smart watches blogs in our list) it does claim to be America’s No. 1 Watch magazine… The link above leads directly to their selection of smartwatch-flavoured posts, which are unsurprisingly detailed and full of juicy tech gossip. The actual magazine itself is cheekily based on another well-known magazine with ‘Time’ in the title, but they seem to be getting away with it!