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10 Best Waterproof Smartwatches you can buy 2019

The best smartwatches you can swim with featuring at least 50-meter (5 ATM) water resistance.
Waterproof smart watches are still mostly niche products, but that is starting to change with the introduction of more models that are water-resistant to 50-meters and beyond. Most mainstream smartwatches have an Ingress Protection rating of IP68. These smartwatches have been tested to survive submersion in shallow water for a short period of time and are not intended to be used for swimming or water sports. Although they are water-resistant, you should try to avoid regularly exposing them to water. IP68-rated watches are designed to withstand accidental water exposure and the occasional dunking but they are not intended for regular wear underwater or for water-based activities. If you plan to expose your smartwatch to water regularly or want to swim with it, see the models listed below that have better water resistance.
Are you looking for a rugged and reliable waterproof smart watches for iPhone or Android? If you are a fitness enthusiast or likes to own cool gadgets, then the answer would be a big yes! A smartwatch waterproof wearable is probably one of the best gadgets that one can own. It can help us track our activity and fitness stats on a daily basis. To help you pick the best waterproof smartwatch, we have come up with this guide. Read on and get to know about Apple, LG, and Samsung smartwatch waterproof wearables.
First off, its design is not only super comfortable but also completely waterproof, meaning it can be used while swimming. Battery life is also not too bad, lasting between 1.5 and two days between charges. (Yes, compared to the Huawei Watch GT’s this sounds unimpressive, but compared to an Apple Watch, for instance, it’s pretty standard.)